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Specialist in pâté in verrines since 1895


Over a century of experience ...

The family business Jean Brunet was created in 1895 by Louis Brunet. A few years later, his son Henri took over the business and developed charcuterie products.

Jean Brunet, Henri's son, succeeded his father and became the manager of the company in 1962. Subsequently, he launched a new development strategy based on the production of pâtés and glass terrines and conserves.

It was in 1980 that Jean Brunet set up his premises in Rabastens-de-Bigorre, at the foot of the French Pyrenees, in the South-West, a region rich in culture and gastronomy.

From 1986 to 1995, the company developed rapidly thanks to the mechanisation of its production which led to significant growth in its business.

High-quality products, traditional skills and strong demand, have enabled the company to obtain the IFS certification in 2014. This certification assures the supply of healthy products to consumers. It allows to work with the most demanding distributors at the international level. This is a real competitive advantage for the company, which is the only pâté producer in Occitanie to have this certification. In 2021, the Brunet cannery obtains the IFS version 6 .

In 2016, the company passed down to a new team of managers who aspired to develop its activity at national and international level .

Unique know-how

The Brunet cannery is located in the heart of the South-West, at the foot of the Pyrenees, a famous region recognised for its gastronomy.


Jean Brunet is the only manufacturer in the South West of France with national and international aspirations and successes.

The pâté is not a single simple product but a know-how handed down from generation to generation ...!

In the pure tradition of the South-West, the Jean Brunet team attached a great importance to make its recipes from typical and quality ingredients. The ingredients are carefully selected in order to cook sumptuous local recipes with flavors of the South-West.


All Jean Brunet products are 100% natural, without preservatives, colouring and additives , for maximum quality and intense taste.

A guarantee of quality, Jean Brunet holds highly popular certifications:

  • the Label Rouge, the pork is bred in the open air, for fresh, rich, exceptional and tasty meat

  • the Bio AB, the pâté is 100% natural, involved in the environmental cause and the health of consumers

  • VPF, pigs are born, bred, slaughtered and transformed in France, for a 100% French meat

  • IGP, pigs are born, bred, slaughtered and transformed in the South West of France, for a 100% local meat

  • IFS, allows to work with the most demanding international large retailers


The cannery is proud to offer to its customers quality products with exceptional flavors.

An efficient production tool

The company has fully automated production, manufacturing and packaging lines.

The company recently acquired an X-ray machine that can detect defects and the presence of foreign bodies in verrines.

The company has also invested in a new packaging line in order to offer original and innovative formats to consumers.

The annual production extends to 15 million jars per year for a maximum production capacity of 35 million jars per year.

SA Brunet is the only producer in the South-West to have such a tool and an exemplary infrastructure!

- Our CSR process -

SA Brunet assesses its CSR process yearly via the Valorise portal, recognised by French large retailers.

The management of the company is aware of its social responsibility . It carries out actions on environmental protection, improvement of working conditions and customer satisfaction.

The company participates in donations for charitable organisation .

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